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October 1, 2011
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Melancholy of a wolf by TheJoy-MGS Melancholy of a wolf by TheJoy-MGS
"Screams and Sirens....were my lullabies"
yes, they truly were...

Color (original) version can be seen here:

Photo taken by my friend :icondenique-interimo:
Cosplayer: me
Sniper Wolf, Metal Gear Solid are Hideo Kojima, Konami Productions etc
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Hhhhhhnnnnnggg. Awesome portrait of your Wolf. I hope mine is half as good as yours. ;A;
Thank you so much ^//^ :heart:
Aww what are you talking, silly?
Yours will be goddamn awesome and kickass!
Your beautiul!
And (unlike me) you have the same slim body like wolf! I'll be well beaten by you ^_~
I'm looking forward to see your fabulous result someday!
Aw, you're too nice! :heart: I'm worried about wig styling and construction...military uniforms have to be sewn so precisely, and her fit is so weird, haha. Boobies!
Just tell what I'm thinking ;)
The wig styling is a bit tricky, but I had more difficult wig styles to be honest *g* So i think you won't have too much trouble. it's easier as it looks like. just a tad tricky at the bangs.
*nod* I'm still sure you can handle it easily!
The jacket is a strain to make fit. lot's of pinning should help it :)
and if nothing helps there's still possibility to use darts/seams to make it fit better.
The funny thing is I never had problems with the fit around the boob-area. Just holding the thing in place with double-sided tape. And i could move however I wanted without getting anything to all out o.o
If you don't believe that switch to 3:00-3:30 xD
snowballfights without having anything get out of place.
Just don't make it to loose around the bust-area. guess that's why so many Wolf cosplayers having trouble with that area. it nee'd to be snuggly.
If you have any specific questions or troubles let me know and I try to help out with my experience :)
Sniper Wolf's suit has darts, so I'm definitely going to use those to my advantage. *u* Lots of fashion tape should keep it in place, too. Thanks for the encouragement!
Gorgeous cosplay and gorgeous photography you got there~ Awesome job :D
*bows* Thank you very much!
Orionflame Oct 2, 2011
Have I told you how much I looooove your Wolf! XD
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